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DOMES 2010 Contemporary Greek Architecture

Yearbook, Exhibition, Awards


Since its launch in September 2005, DOMES International Architectural Review has pursued a policy of documenting, encouraging and showcasing Greek architecture, i.e. work by Greek architects, or work produced or destined for Greece, though always as part and parcel of international architecture rather than in contrast to it.

By making information available, the DOMES Review has sought to influence the debate on architecture, first and foremost among its producers, but also among those contributing to it under several capacities: as consultants – engineering or otherwise – site engineers, constructors, contractors, suppliers…

Of course, for architecture to thrive there must be fitting patronage, persons or bodies commissioning projects and stepping, necessarily, beyond the narrow bounds of a client’s role in order to help architecture flourish through the medium of building, thus becoming engaged stakeholders, involved in its creation.

Aside from any other considerations, the ‘DOMES 2010’ initiative, launched in May 2009, seeks to set in motion precisely such a process.

The ‘DOMES 2010’ initiative consists of three objectives:

1. the publication by DOMES of the ‘Greek Architecture Yearbook 2010’, which shall feature built and un-built projects of merit from 2007-2009 commissioned by actual clients, so as to make them readily accessible to anyone interested in an overview of current Greek architectural output.

2. the ‘Greek Architecture Panorama 2010’ an exhibition to showcase those projects.

3. the ‘DOMES 2010 Awards’ for the best built work, the best first building by a young architect, and the best project in 2007-2009, which shall recognize work of outstanding quality and, by setting an example, give encouragement to new patrons of architecture.

Apropos of announcing and presenting the ‘DOMES 2010 Awards’ for

best built work in 2007-2009,

best first building by a young architect, and

best project

we warmly congratulate the design teams of

the Residential and Shopping Complex in Metaxourgeion of Athens, architects Georgia Daskalaki and Giannis Papadopoulos,

the Residential Building at Philopappou, architect Dimitris Thomopoulos, and

Thermi Town Hall, architects Konstantinos Antoniou, Edouardos Kastros, Panos Tzonos, Stergios Galikas and Themis Hadzigiannopoulos

as well as their respective clients,

GEK TERNA SA Holdings – Real Estate – Construction,

Kalamaras – Georgakopoulos General Partnership, and

The Municipality of Thermi.

We congratulate and thank

all those architects and photographers who responded to DOMES’ invitation and submitted works of merit for the Yearbook, the Exhibition and for ‘DOMES 2010 Awards’.

Finally we thank the members of the ‘DOMES 2010 Awards’ jury, architects Professors Constantinos Decavallas, Dimitris Manikas and Alexandros Tzonis, who did DOMES the honour of accepting the invitation to take on the exacting and responsible task of adjudicating the designs and projects that were submitted.

Best built work in 2007-2009

Residential and Shopping Complex in Metaxourgeion of Athens

Architects: Georgia Daskalaki, Giannis Papadopoulos

Client: GEK-TERNA SA Holdings – Real Estate – Construction

Photograph: Charalambos Louizidis

Best first building by a young architect in 2007-2009

Residential Building at Philopappou in Athens,

Architect: Dimitris Thomopoulos

Client: Kalamaras – Georgakopoulos General Partnership

Photograph: Dimitris Thomopoulos

Best project in 2007-2009

Thermi Town Hall, Thessaloniki

Architects: Konstantinos Antoniou, Edouardos Kastros, Panos Tzonos, Stergios Galikas and Themis Hadzigiannopoulos

Client: Thermi Municipality